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Outdoor USB Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Lamp

Outdoor USB Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Lamp

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The Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp provides an efficient and safe solution for controlling mosquitoes. This device features a rechargeable battery and direct plug-in for easy use both indoors and outdoors, and eliminates mosquitoes and other pests with its effective, built-in mosquito killer. Enjoy a bug-free evening without the need for nasty insecticides.


  • Your Choice of stationary Plug-in, or Portable rechargeable versions
  • Strong penetrability, sensitive to irritating mosquitoes, mosquitoes in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room can be wiped out by strong waves
  • 365UV purple light wave attracts mosquitoes
  • Strong penetrability, able to fully kill mosquitoes in large spaces
  • 60 times more powerful mosquito electric shock
  • 4000mAh large storage battery, outdoor mosquito killer 60 hours standby
  • Rechargeable, stable power output, avoid current noise, can kill mosquitoes outdoors, don’t be afraid of power outages at home


  • Effective Area Use: 50m

  • Light source power: 5W or 

  • Life time: 0-4 hours

  • Battery capacity: 2001MAh (inclusive)-2500MAh (inclusive)

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