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Mountain Creations LLC

Blowup Camping Pillow

Blowup Camping Pillow

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Take your camping experience to the next level with this Outdoor Travel Portable Blowup Camping Pillow. Lightweight and perfect for backpacking, this pillow will create a comfortable rest spot in any location. Experience a great night's sleep outdoors – perfect for your next adventure!


  • Camping Comfort: Elevate your camping experience with this blow-up camping pillow, designed to provide a comfortable resting spot in any outdoor location.
  • Lightweight Design: This pillow is lightweight and compactable, making it a perfect companion for backpacking and outdoor adventures.
  • Quality Materials: Made from quality materials, including Lycra fabric, water-wash cotton, and polyester, ensuring durability and comfort.
  • Restful Sleep: Experience a great night's sleep outdoors, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready for your next adventure.


  • Material: Fabric: Lycra, Water Wash Cotton

  • Bottom: polyester

  • Inner liner: polyester fiber composite TPU

  • Thickness: 12cm

  • Weight: 180g

  • Specification: 46cm x 32cm x 12cm


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