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Hardback storage Container

Hardback storage Container

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This hardback case is designed with a durable exterior to protect valuable items in any environment. The foam inside is waterproof, shock-proof, and pressure-proof, ensuring your possessions are completely sealed from external hazard. Perfect for storing items in any climate or terrain.


  • Ensures your possessions are sealed from external hazards, making it perfect for any climate or terrain.
  • Durable hardback case designed to protect valuable items in any environment.
  • Features a waterproof, shockproof, and pressure-proof foam interior for complete protection.
  • Product features include dust-proof,  and moisture-proof capabilities, will float in water (not suitable for immersion in water).
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for convenient transportation.



  • Material: Hard Plastic

  • Size: (Length x Width x Height) Small (10cm x 8cm x 4cm), Medium (14cm x 8cm x 4cm), Large (17cm x 11cm x 5cm), Extra Large (21cm x 12cm x 6cm).

  • Contains: Inside Foam Protection
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